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Cura Crash Mat with Sensor


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The Cura1 Foldable Crash Mat with sensor emerges as a solution characterised by versatility and cost-effectiveness, thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with the Economy Falls Monitor. Constructed from heavy-duty, latex-free material, this mat stands as a testament to durability, coupled with its inherent ease of cleaning. A distinctive feature is its low-profile edges, diligently engineered to mitigate tripping hazards and facilitate patient movement onto or off the mat.

An integral sensor elevates its functionality, ensuring virtually non-existent false alarms throughout its operational lifespan. The user-friendliness of operation and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to its appeal. The icing on the cake is its affordable pricing, making it a pragmatic choice for healthcare establishments spanning all sizes. To address the need for space optimisation, the mat can be effortlessly folded for storage or transportation, catering seamlessly to facilities contending with spatial limitations.

Size: 1800x750x40

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