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Gripit Precut Kinesiology Tape has been developed by leading Australian Physiotherapists. All Pre cuts are designed to assist with pain and injury. Gripit Precut Kinesiology Tape is a user friendly product where you don’t need to worry about the challenge of using a roll of tape. Our precut tape systems make application very easy with both instructions inside the box and also online. You can’t go wrong!

PLANTAR FASCIA Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape Suitable for:

Plantar Fasciitis–Heel Spur–Flat Foot / Collapsed Arch–Arch Pain–Bunion–General Foot Support–Post Foot/Ankle Surgery

-180-200% Elasticity-Just like Skin!

-5-7 day use

-Online Instructions

-Waterproof Technology

-Low Allergy Adhesive

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