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Kinesiology Tape 100mm x 5 meters – Strapit


Strapit Original Kinesio Tapeis our regular kinesiology tape. Featuring a cotton fabric and high-quality Japanese adhesive our original Kinesio Tape our original Kinesio Tape can be used for most injuries and conditions requiring kinesiology tape and a treatment option. With the Kinesio Tape designed to elevate and drop the skin and fascia,t he key roles of the tape is to:

-decrease pain and soreness due to the reducing information from pain receptors

-assists in the movement of fluid and toxins via the lymphatic system

-assists in capillary return and therefore assisting healing

-provide some proprioceptive feedback and information assisting in rehabilitation


1. Technical Cotton Fabric with 5% lycra/spandex

2. Provides 2 way stretch of approximately 160-180%

3. Highest Grade Japanese Adhesive

4. No latex or zinc oxide–so low risk of allergic reaction

5. Lasts between 5-7 days

6. Additional links on box and backing paper to instructional videos

7. Designed by Australian Sports Physiotherapists

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