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KIS Silicone Foam dressing – non adhesive


Gentle silicone contact layer foam dressing for use on moderately to heavily exuding wounds. Consists of a gentle silicone wound contact layer, a super absorbent pad and a vapour permeable and waterproof film. It is ideal for wound exudate management. The multi-layered construction facilitates exudate management to provide the optimal moist wound environment which promotes wound healing, mimimising trauma and reducing pain during dressing changes. No residue is left after removal.



  • Core silicone gel technology provides a gentle silicone contact layer for fragile skin
  • Excellent wound exudate absorption, reduces the risk of maceration and leakage
  • Minimises pain on removal; no second dressing needed
  • Various shapes adapt to different requirements
  • Maintains its integrity during use
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