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ScarBan Elastic Silicon Sheets


Scientifically endorsed, the utilization of silicone sheets for professional scar treatment has gained prominence as the favored approach in expert scar care. Scarban® effectively addresses hypertrophic, keloid scars, and serves as a preventive measure for scars. Visible improvements in your scar typically manifest within 2-4 months, and you can continue the treatment until optimal results are attained. Scarban® offers silicone sheets in both Elastic (High Profile 1.4mm) and Light (Low Profile 0.7mm) variations.



  • Scarban® offers an intensive therapy solution, particularly effective in its High Profile version.
  • Adaptable approach suitable for small and large skin areas.
  • High UV protection with SPF50 rating enhances its appeal.
  • Sheets can be tailored to match specific application requirements.
  • Inclusion of a specialized cleaning soap ensures comprehensive care.
  • Self-adhesive and washable sheets for prolonged and hassle-free usage.
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