Smart Health Ring


The all-new J-Style SMART Health ring is the latest painless health monitoring device suitable for everyone. With a battery life of 5 days (2hrs recharge) you can monitor the below functions at all times:

1) Automatic / Manual Heart Rate & SpO2 Monitor;

2) Automatic HRV & stress level monitor (auto measurement time interval can be set via APP);

3) Automatic sleep tracking (light/deep sleep, REM, awake, on/off bed time);

4) Temperature trends monitoring;

5) Women’s menstrucal cycle management;

6) All day activity tracking, steps/calories/distance/activity time/daily goal achievement;

7) Automatic firmware updates (OTA) via JCRing App;

8) Firmware customization and SDK/API supported;

9) 15-day memory saved, easy to check daily/weekly/monthly data report on App;

10) Wear detection;

11) Low battery reminder (APP);

12) Wireless charging;

13) OEM / ODM customization support

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