Advance Kinesiology Tape 50mm x 5 meters – Strapit



Our Strapit Advance Kinesiology Tape is technically designed to be our flagship kinesiology tape. With advanced properties in the fabric and adhesive construct you will be confident our Strapit Advance Kinesiology Tape will remain on in all conditions. Functionally our Advance Kinesio Tape works just like our Original Kinesio Tape but with the additional features of strength, waterproofing and more glue that ensures the tape remains stable and in position in absolutely all extreme conditions. With the Kinesio tape designed to elevate and drop the skin and fascia, the key roles of the tape is to:

-Decrease pain and soreness due to the reducing information from pain receptors.

-Assists in the movement of fluid and toxins via the lymphatic system.

-Assists in capillary return and therefore assisting healing.

-Provide some proprioceptive feedback and information assisting in rehabilitation.


1.Technical VISCOSE Synthetic Fabric with 5% lycra/spandex

2.Provides 2 waystretch of approximately 160-180%

3. Highest Grade Japanese Adhesive with an additional 5g/m2 vs our Original Kinesio tape for extra stick!

4.No latex or zinc oxide–so low risk of allergic reaction

5. Lasts up to 7 days.

6.Additional links on box and backing paper to instructional videos.

7.Designed by Australian Sports Physiotherapists

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